While Facebook is a great place to microblog short updates about your life, whereabouts, or thoughts, it is not a great medium for longer blog posts. However, if you have a blog hosted elsewhere, there are applications available that can help you blog on Facebook.

The best application I found to blog on Facebook is the “Blog It” Facebook app, created by Six Apart. The Blog It app on Facebook connects a user’s Facebook account with other blog accounts, such as one hosted on Blogger or WordPress (or even self-hosted, running WordPress.) Blog It also allows syncing with other microblogging sites, such as Twitter, so that Facebook users can update everything at once right from the app.

Once a blogger has added all of their accounts to the Blog It Facebook app, three tabs allow users to choose between posting a microblog, posting a blog, or adding more accounts. The microblogging and blogging features of Blog It are convenient for bloggers who do not want to toggle between multiple tabs or windows to update each blog – a great feature for Facebook users who have multiple blogs on different services. Blogging with the Blog It Facebook app also features the ability to post a short update to Facebook about the blog post simultaneously.

If you would just like to feature your blog posts on Facebook, the RSS Graffiti app is great for streaming your blog posts to your Facebook profile page. The RSS Graffiti app will pull in a summary of your blog posts, the title, URL, and one of the pictures used in your blog post. The RSS Graffiti Facebook app is a good option for users who do not want to blog on Facebook, but still want blog posts to feature and stream on their Facebook profile page.