The hacking issues continue to plague multiplayer Modern Warfare 2 gamers on the PS3. Sony has yet to issue a promised patch, and Infinity Ward seems to be careless as they point the finger at Sony. On the Infinity Ward forum the game developer company posted “we are very reliant on Sony updating their firmware and security to address the core problem of this issue.” Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling also made the comment “Games rely on the security of the encryption on the platforms they’re played on; therefore, updates to the game through patches will not resolve this problem completely, unless the security exploit itself is resolved on the platform.”

This is a lame excuse! Sure it’s Sony’s fault this happened and the ball is in their court to fix the bulk of the issue, but you can’t tell me that IW can’t police their gaming rooms or release a patch that would verify the integrity of the game files before allowing a connection to the PlayStation Network. I guess it’s easier to point the finger at Sony so they don’t have to do any work on an older game that IW has already made its money on.