Depending on which survey or poll you wish to look at, texting while driving could be hazardous to your health. Since technology has caused the problem, it is only natural that technology solves the problem as well. If drivers opt in, they will have the ability to turn-off their phones [aka driving mode] while driving, so that they will not receive text nor phone calls. T-Mobile is launching a safe driving application called DriveSmart Plus that allows subscribers to do take advantage of this technology to hopefully make their driving experience safer.

The only problem with the application is that the user must recognize they have a problem when texting or talking while driving, and need to opt in. According to one article it also states that:

“T-Mobile will offer DriveSmart Plus initially only for one phone–the LG Optimus T–but said it plans to expand the service soon. DriveSmart Basic, a free version of the app, is available for free on some T-Mobile phones, although that app requires users to tell the app when they are driving. DriveSmart Plus, the new premium program, will cost $4.99 per month and covers all lines on a subscriber’s account.”

So how does the application know when you are driving? The app uses GPS to determine when your movement appear to be while driving. The unfortuante thing is that the app is limited to a single model phone. Once it becomes available not only from T-Mobile, but other cell providers, we can expect more availability for the person who wished to curtail texting and talking while driving.

T-Mobile is also going to be offering an application called FamilyWhere for subscribers of their Family plan. This will allow parents to locate any of their children who are part of the plan.

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Source – All Things Digital

Source – TechCrunch