RIP Don Kirshner.

As a young’un and a musician, I was always fascinated by music shows.  Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert brought me all sorts of acts I loved (and some I didn’t).  I learned all about lip-syncing there.*

*Lip-syncing is when Britney Spears pretends to sing so she can concentrate on her alleged dancing.

Don died Monday in Florida.  He was 76.


Asking isn’t always as easy as it seems, apparently.   After listening carefully to my coworkers, it has been determined that the word `asked’ has (at least) three different pronunciations:

  • some of them `axed’ me a question
  • others `astd’ a question
  • I say `asked’

I have no idea why this is important, but there you go.  Next week we’ll go over the difference between `left’ and `left out’ and discover there is no difference.



Stop all critical thinking.  Get out the beers.  Stop watching sports for a few minutes.  Judging by the ads, this is the only important thing happening in the universe.   Fox News just did a commercial for it.  Yes, Fox News.

Now we’ll all have something of great import to discuss at work (and on Faceyspaces)!

We’re doomed, you know.