There are many over the counter relief medications and my wife has tried them all. My bride of over 20 years suffers from Lupus and suffers miserably from joint pain associated with the disease. Many of the over the counter medications have such a strong smell, that I jokingly mention that when she applies them, they clear out my sinuses. During the past 10 years that she has had the disease, even the over the counter medications and prescriptions medication stop working after about 2 to 3 months of use. So when we discovered BioFreeze about six months ago, we were skeptical at how well it would work and if it did work, how long that would be for.

I first ordered BioFreeze about 6 months ago from Amazon after I read some of the glowing reviews. After my wife used BioFreeze the first night, she was a believer. She stated that the product immediately relieved her joint pain, especially in her back. Since that time, we have both used the product and can not give BioFreeze enough compliments.

Yesterday I spread some 40 lbs. of grass seed in my front and rear yard to over seed our lawn. We had snow forecasted so seeding before is supposed to work according to some Internet sources and my brother-in-law. After doing the seeding, my back was killing me. Last night I applied BioFreeze to my lower back and was able to get a good nights sleep without being in pain.

My wife best describes the product as penetrating deeply into your muscles and relieving pain. It relieves muscle aches and allow you to get a restful nights sleep. In addition it is a non-greasy formula and does not stain your clothing.

Cost of BioFreeze pump gel, 16 ounce size is $21.87 plus s&h.

You can also try a smaller 4 ounce size for $7.72 plus s&h

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BIOFREEZE Gel 16-Ounce, Pump Bottle

Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel with Ilex – Tube 110 g / 4 oz