It’s going to happen. Eventually, you’re going to be wanting to find an alternative to merely relying on Google. But the real trick is finding a search engine that doesn’t suck. Let’s be honest, this is what was driving us to Google in the first place before the company was even profitable, right? So the issue is finding a search engine that will not automatically leave us wanting to rush back to Google. Yes, this is never easy for those of us who rely so heavily on the Google search engine during the course of our day.

Yahoo – No, not, rather instead. Same search, less crap to sift through or be distracted by. Obviously if you’ve found Yahoo! search to be lackluster, then this isn’t for you. But everything considered, it’s not too bad. Nothing overly compelling, but I  have found it to be usable in most cases.

Bing – Arguably better than Google in some areas, depending on what you’re looking for. This is a search engine that in many ways, took Yahoo!’s model and did it better. Keep people on your site as long as possible. Clearly, this is Bing’s approach and the search results I get indicate that it works well enough for a growing gaggle of users.

DuckDuckGo– Besides the awesome name, it’s actually one of my favorite alternatives simply because of its accuracy, simplicity and yes, privacy. DuckDuckGo then supports all of this with some of the best search results I’ve ever encountered. It’s a great search engine for digging.

A Better Google Alternative Search Engine
Enlarge image here

As you can see from the above image, you can even view Chris’ live stream right from within the search engine. Last time I looked, Google wasn’t matching this. At the time of this writing, Chris was dealing with some DSL downtime however….even DuckDuckGo can’t help with ISP frustrations unfortunately.

Which option is best for you?

This is truly the rub. You really need to try out all of the above and find which search engine seems the most natural to use. For me, it’s DuckDuckGo. However for others, it may instead be Yahoo! or Bing. In the end, there is no wrong or right answer, rather discovering that you can indeed, use something for search besides Google once in awhile. It’s not going to hurt, I promise.