The New York Times is going to place much of their online content behind a pay wall. The newspaper is trying to determine how much of their content will remain free and how much subscribers will be willing to pay to subscribe to the full features of the newspaper. Currently Amazon charges $19.99 a month to assess the New York Times news on the Kindle. Newspapers have had their revenues shrink during the past decade and are now looking for ways to survive as the Internet becomes the main source for news.

In a recent article it also stated that:

Times Co. Chief Executive Officer Janet Robinson has said the company plans to begin charging consumers for access to articles on its website during the first quarter.

Speaking at an investor conference in New York last month, Robinson said that users will be able to read a set number of articles for free each month, and heavy users will have to pay a subscription fee. At the time, Robinson didn’t say how many stories would be free or give a price for the subscription.

A print subscription to the newspaper with home delivery currently costs about $46.80 a month. It would seem that the online version would actually be less expensive that receiving the delivered edition. The New York Times has stated that those receiving the home delivery of their print paper would also have access to the online version. It is going to be interesting to see how many people cancel their home delivery of the print version and go digital only. It would seem to make sense both economically and convenience wise, that with all of the new portable devices available, taking the news with you via a device is more convenient than ever.

The day of the print newspaper may be coming to and end. The death will be slow, but inevitable.

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Source – Bloomberg