So it’s not so Mr. Bill. But some of the brand name products we have come to know and love may be on their way out this year, as companies either fail or are merged into other corporations. No surprise about Gateway. Acer bought the Gateway brand number to bump up its image and sale statistics as a major player here in the U.S. Acer was able to secure the number 3 spot in U.S. sales and now has a solid hold with their Acer brand. So Gateway may be disposed of and the once premier computer company may be gone.

Office Depot is hanging on by a thread as companies like Staples and Office Max sit in the top positions. Couple with the likes of Costco and Sams Club discounted products, Office Depot continues to struggle. Don’t be surprised to see Office Depot scooped up by one of its rivals and maybe an outsider. Target may be interested in the company.

Sara Lee which makes a wonderful wheat bread that I really enjoy, as well as great hot dog and hamburger buns, may also disappear. Here is a fact I didn’t know. Sara Lee also makes Ball Park hot dogs and Jimmy Dean breakfast foods. So whats the problem? It seems that Sara Lee may need to spin-off some of its operations, consolidate or may be consumed by a bigger company.

eTrade is the company with the cute kid that pretends to handle stock trades by himself online. Seems that all is not well in the discount trading market and companies like Charles Schwab or others could buy up eTrade. These are just rumors but it could happen.

Frontier Airlines is another company that is having trouble competing against the other major carriers. Frontier was bankrupt when it was bought by Republic Airways Holding which hoped to turn the company around. Unfortunately this does not seem to be happening as Frontier struggles to hang on. The other major airlines would like to get a hold of the locations in Milwaukee and Denver that Frontier has. Look for a possible merger in 2011.

Another candiate for bankruptucy may be Borders. The book selling company now trades for under $1 a share on Wall Street and appears to be failing and falling to the way side. The company offers little to other companies and may not even be bought out.

Also look for Dollar-Thrifty to be taken over by Avis-Budget, Saab and Answers Corp to also disappear in 2011.

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Source – AOL Daily Finance