The video of a woman texting while walking through a mall and then falling into a fountain, is priceless. Like many of you, I had a hardy chuckle when I first saw the video on TV, and wondered how anyone could be so stupid. Lets face it, the size of the fountain was huge and fairly hard to miss. But we are now learning some other facts, plus rumors, that even add to the mystery of ‘fountain girl’ who now has been identified as Cathy Cruz Marrero.

There are suspicions of why Marrero would even want herself identified in the video. The quality of the video was so poor, had she kept quiet, no one would have known who should was. So why would she come forward and identify herself as being the person in the video?

There is some speculation as to her motives, some of which do not reflect well. Rumors have it she may have done it on purpose. Hard to believe isn’t it? But not that hard when we learned that she worked at the mall. That’s right boys and girls. So how could she not know that the fountain was there?

There are also other allegations that Marrero is currently facing felony criminal charges:

In the hours that followed Cathy Cruz Marrero’s appearance on “Good Morning America” today to talk about the fall and its aftermath, she was in court for a status hearing on charges of five felony counts, including theft by deception and receiving stolen property.

Marrero, 49, was charged in October 2009 for allegedly using a coworker’s credit cards to make more than $5,000 in purchases at a Target and a Zales jewelry store — $1,055 of those purchases were dismissed from the case in previous hearings.

So there are the sordid facts, rumors and allegations which once compiled and rolled up together, does not make the victim look,  so much like a victim after all. I know if this was me I would not let anyone know that I was the dunce who tripped into the fountain.

What about you? Would you have come forth and identified yourself?

Does it appear that the alleged victim is really a victim?

Share your thoughts with us.

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Source – The Huffington Post

Source – ABC