The American dream of home ownership has taken a hit during the past few years, as foreclosures and bankruptcies have flooded the real estate industry. So in most cities there is now a glut of properties usually priced below what they once commanded during the heyday of high prices. But one real estate company seems to be trying to unload one residence some $66k below market value because it is snake infested. The snakes, thousands of them, are not venomous, but have been impossible to exterminate.

How bad is the infestation? Well the original owners walked away from the house and let it go into foreclosure. According to one article it stated that:

It was taken over by the lender, Chase Bank. Now Realty Quest associate broker Todd Davis is faced with the daunting task of trying to sell it.

That task would be hard enough with the current market, but once the slithery occupants are factored in, you have to feel a pang of sympathy for the optimistic Mr Davis.

Even his decision to slash the price from the estimated value of $175,000 to $109,000 may not be enough.

A pest inspector has estimated they are living in the house in their thousands.

‘It’s not a problem, it’s an infestation,’ Mr Davis bravely continues. ‘It’s been a horrible experience.’

It seems that the home is located in an area where the snakes have a den. Unfortunately the home was built in an area that the snakes return each fall with their family. I guess they use the house for family reunions. 🙂

I recall a story, not sure if it was true, about a house in Reno, NV. Apparently they had a similar problem. The home was built on a den of snakes. But in this case it was a rattlesnake den. The house was eventually torn down because they could not get rid of the infestation of rattlers.

Personally I wouldn’t inhabit the house if they were giving it away.

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Source – mail online