The FCC is proposing that browsers include a do not track tool and Mozilla is taking the proposal serious. The company has announced that it will include a do-not-track system, but when it will be available is not known. Mozilla has been working on their new Firefox 4 browser for some time, but it is not known if the tool will be ready when the browser release to the public. Currently Firefox 4 is still in beta testing.

So what will the new tool accomplish? In theory the tool will be able to allow a user to opt out of being tracked on web sites. But there is just one small problem. In order for the tool to work, tracking companies would need to allow the tool to function on their web sites. Mozilla is urging the trackers to jump on board, but currently there are no takers.

In a recent article it further stated that:

Mozilla’s move comes amid growing privacy concerns about the online-tracking industry. Last month, the FTC called for the creation of a do-not-track system and the Obama administration called for an online “privacy bill of rights” focused on the commercial data-gathering industry.

So is this just a bunch of hype or is it really going to become a reality? It depends if a law is passed forcing companies to adhere to the do-not-track system. There is no doubt in my mind that the FCC will be challenged in court and that this is years from ever becoming a reality. On the WJS site they have a poll asking readers if they supported a no tracking tool and 92% responded that they did.

So there is public support not to be tracked. But of course there is also public support for not being spammed either.

Is there anyone reading this that hasn’t received spam? 🙂

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Source – WSJ