A survey that was posted in the Consumerist stated that 27% of Facebook users update their status in the bathroom. What’s even weirder is the breakdown: women are 54% more likely than men to spend time on Facebook while, ahem… doing their business.

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Lamarr thinks this can potentially be pretty disgusting, although he wonders if the iPhone would have an “app for that.” When you think about it, it really is pretty gross. Do you wash your hands BEFORE touching that screen – even while still sitting on the pot? Of course you don’t. Do you take some Lysol wipes to the screen AFTER you are finished? Likely – not.

I’m willing to bet most people have never thought of this before. We’ve done articles in the past about germs spreading in the home – and home office. The bathroom is pretty germy. Do you seriously want your phone in that room where “those” germs are flying around?

Are you one of the guilty parties?