When you need to take notes while at your computer, you may worry about someone being able to access what you’re working on and possibly edit the information. That could be true with several of the note-taking apps in the Cloud, but not with Shrib. <strongDylan's screencast this week shows us how simple it is to take notes anywhere you may be, from any computer and be able to keep them safe from prying eyes.

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There is nothing to sign up for with Shrib. Simply choose a URL (or let it auto-select one for you at random) and start typing. The site is clean and simple, without having distractions “options” or “features.” It does exactly what you need it to do: keep your notes in one easy to access location.

When you’re ready to walk away from your work, you can save the document there in the Cloud, save a copy to your computer and lock your notes up. Since there are no logins to deal with, anyone could potentially access what you’ve done. To avoid this, choose the “lock these notes” option. This will allow you to enter a password. Once the password has been saved, the text will appear all scrambled to anyone who happens to come across your URL – including you. To unscramble and use your notes page again, simply enter your password and get back to work.

Thanks, Dylan, for another excellent screencast.