I have been using Google’s Gmail for about five years and have always found it very reliable. I mainly use my Gmail account to receive Gmail alerts and to also receive emails when I do not wish to give out my primary email address. The thing I like about Gmail is that it seems to have a semi-efficient spam stopper, which I use when spam does sneak through occasionally. Overall, I like Gmail and will continue to use the free email program. But Google has been experimenting with adding ads to the Gmail you receive, though you may have not have experienced the ads as of yet. The ads from Google are still in the experimental stages and not every Gmail account can see the ads.

One article states:

Ads in Gmail have always been related to e-mail messages. For instance, if Gmail users are corresponding with friends about planning a vacation to Mexico, ads for flights or hotels in Mexico might appear. The display ads will show up according to the same formula, Mr. Shilkin said.

The placement of the advertisments will not be done by humans and instead will be automated so no one reads your emails.

I went looking through my emails for the past few days and I did not have any ads. In fact, I went back as far as the 21st and, again, no ads at all. I would imagine that Google has some type of secret formula it is using to determine who gets the ads and who does not.

Google also assures us that the ads will be inserted into the emails by machines and that no human eyes will view your emails.

So with the ads most likely coming our way, will you continue to use Gmail?

Source – NY Times