When I visit a big city, I like to walk around on my own and explore. Walking a city really does help you to appreciate it and discover things that you might not have discovered if you were driving or being driven around. But let’s be clear: walking isn’t always the best option. Someone trying to get to a very specific destination that’s a long way away and crosses through several major roads would probably be better off in a vehicle. If you don’t have your own car, then the frustration of trying to arrange and pay for a cab can be enough to make you think about other solutions. If that’s how you feel, then you obviously haven’t discovered Uber yet.

Currently primarily focused on San Francisco, Uber enables you to request a car to pick you up by texting the address or by using the iPhone or Android apps. The nearest driver will then head your way and you’ll receive a text message containing an estimated arrival time. You’ll be picked up in a nice car and you won’t need to have cash or a credit card handy when the ride is over because the fare and tip are automatically charged to the credit card that’s a part of your account. This is the right way to travel in town.