Let me help you out here.  I am a computer geek.  One with a serious interest in security and privacy.

If you are seriously interested in security and privacy also, here is some free advice [advice being worth what you pay for it]:  don’t go on the internet.

Failing that, don’t use Facebook.

No, really.  Stop gagging and continue reading, please.

Facebook and related services are free to the users.  More accurately, they come with a hidden price: your anonymity and data.  You cannot join Facebook without starting to give up your data.  The further in, the more data.  The data is mined and shared and sold.  It intermingles with other data on you to build quite a profile.  If you use an iPhone, Facebook mines your data further, by way of your unique I.D.

A while back, after serious privacy brouhaha, new `privacy controls’ were put in place on Facebook.  By privacy controls, they meant a way to slightly alter the data they collect about you but not seriously prevent it.  It is a much a privacy control as the Patriot Act was patriotic.

Facebook has absolutely no interest in letting you remain anonymous.  They have every interest in making money from you via personal information and tracking.

If Facebook and all other internet concerns were serious about your privacy, they would do the right thing:

Make ALL information collection opt-in instead of having to opt-out, to whatever degree. Same for credit cards.

Why isn’t this simple protection in place?  Because the people making the rules take money from the people making money from data mining.

It’s really that simple.


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