iTunes frequently loses album artwork or can’t find the correct album information for anything not purchased from iTunes Music Store. There’s nothing more annoying than having a long list of files with names like Track 01, except maybe having songs with the wrong album art. Thankfully there’s a solution that makes it easy to find missing album artwork and album information. TuneUp locates all your missing album art and information for even some of the more obscure songs in your music collection. Apple’s iTunes seems to make a best guess about songs in your iTunes Library. TuneUp plays song files with missing data to identify the song. With TuneUp, instead of multiple songs titled Track 01, you get accurate song information, correct album art, and an organized music collection. Both Mac and Windows versions of TuneUp Lite are free for the first 100 albums in your iTunes Library. If you decide you can’t live without TuneUp, you can save 15% using the link below.

Download TuneUp for iTunes and try out the free version on your Mac or PC.

In addition to fixing song information and locating missing album art, TuneUp also integrates with your Twitter and Facebook accounts. You can get concert alerts for your favorite bands with TuneUp and attempt and get notifications about some of the better music-related online content. While I would consider any of these features reasons to purchase the pro version of TuneUp, they are nice to have and make TuneUp useful when you acheive that state of zen where your music collection has no missing information. Be sure to download TuneUp and try it out.