They had to be smoking some of the product while they brainstormed this one. I think it could be a good, uh, what was it? Oh yeah, a “cheek and song” comedy thing…

bubble, bubble, cough, cough….
Cheek: Dude! this is like some massively primoo mucho mustachio good stuff! we gotta figure.. uh..
cough cough
.. uh what was I sayin’… oh yeah, a way to get it across the border…
long awkward pause
Song:Uh Bogart, fess up
Cheek: Oh, my bad, here you go… like I said massively….
interupted by bubble bubble
Cheek: so how do we get it across?

I think you get the idea. With the US border being so tight and secure, how would they get it across? How about a catapult? Like who would suspect a catapult looking device being towed behind a SUV? Most certainly, not rocket science.