Facebook, the most popular social networking Web site on the Internet, will now be offered free on flights for seven of the largest airlines, which include Virgin America, United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, AirTran, US Airways, and Alaska Airlines. But before you get too excited about the offer, this is a limited time promotion being offered by Gogo. The company is hoping that by allowing users to try its Wi-Fi service that they may wish to pay for inflight Internet services, which range in price starting at $4.95 for a short flight and $ 12.95 for a long flight. Currently the Wi-Fi services are only being offered on domestic flights.

One article also states:

Virgin, the first airline to launch a Wi-Fi fleet, says up to one-third of its passengers log on to Gogo. One of its more popular routes, San Francisco to Boston, is called the “nerd bird” by Virgin crew members. The top task on Gogo is e-mail, Gogo says.

While I was reading this article it suddenly dawned on me. We are spending way too much time being connected to the Internet. The Internet is starting to consume most of our waking hours. Yesterday I mentioned to someone that there was a storm hitting the mid section of the U.S., and they were not even aware of it. They stated they had their nose in the laptop all day and obviously this did not include current events.

I must admit that I am just as much at fault as the next person. I spend a majority of my day surfing the Internet, answering emails, and looking around Facebook.

But I have an excuse. My surfing in general is to look for interesting articles to write about — articles like this that I believe readers would want to know about.

But what is everyone else doing on the Internet that they would need to Google when they fly?

What is your opinion? Are we spending too much time on the Internet or is there a real need to fly and surf?

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