Hybrid cars aren’t all things to all people. Until now, folks that enjoy shifting gears for themselves have been left out of the party … there were no hybrid cars available with a manual transmission. Enter the Honda CR-Z Hybrid : the only hybrid available with a stickshift.

Can a stickshift sell a sporty car? Honda is hoping so.

(For those that are clutch-adverse, a paddle-shifter equipped continuously variable transmission is available.)

While the CR-Z Hybrid doesn’t get whopping great gas mileage, it is amusing to drive. There are three driving modes: Normal, Sport, and Econ. The Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) hybrid system uses an electric motor to give the little gasoline engine a bit of extra oomph under acceleration. (Although it won’t roll your eyes back in your head.) Punch up the Sport mode for faster throttle response and the Econ mode when you’re stuck in traffic.

Resource: 2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid Review