Jones Soda and The Onion have teamed up to bring you the world’s first news soda! The limited edition six-pack includes Jones’ popular Green Apple, Root Beer, and Strawberry-Lime flavors paired with six of the The Onion’s headlines. My personal favorites are “War on String May be Unwinnable, Says Cat General” and “Worthless Dog Can’t Talk, Drive, Solve Crimes.”

The Onion Limited Edition

Jones Soda has also given us an exclusive 20% off coupon for MyJones (sorry it won’t work on The Onion Soda).


For those of you not familiar with MyJones, it allows you to take your favorite flavor of Jones Soda and personalize it with your own photo. Making Jones Soda personal is perfect for weddings, birthdays, graduation parties, band promotion, film promotion, corporate events, fundraising, and more…

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