This Sunday will be the largest party held here in the U.S., all taking place in our living rooms. The party is a yearly celebration of the Super Bowl, which is featuring the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, both vying for the championship. But before the party starts, you should be aware of the following foul ups that can spoil any Super Bowl party. The list starts with these fouls:

Dirty hands can ruin a party if people get sick after. Make sure you wash your hands before preparing food. Make absolutely sure that you do not let raw meat or raw chicken juices contaminate your other foods. Keep cutting boards and knives clean by washing frequently.

No matter what the food — chicken wings, beef or fowl of any type — make sure all are cooked thoroughly before serving. Check the temperatures using a meat thermometer and cook to the USDA recommended temperatures.

Spills are going to happen, so be prepared. Have a large roll or two of paper towels close to the living room. You may wish to also be prepared by having a spray bottle of carpet cleaner near by as well. Don’t wait until a spill happens and try to find the paper towels and carpet cleaner hidden in the back of the kitchen cabinet.

Make sure your toilet is in good working order. Have a good toilet bowl plunger located by the bowl as well. Preferably the toilet plunger will be one of the new ball type plungers that can clear a stopped toilet quickly. At half time, full bladders will need a quick bit of relief. A plugged toilet could make your guests uncomfortable.

Use a toaster oven to help heat your food. At our house we have two microwave ovens: one over our stove and a second in the laundry room, located by the kitchen. When having a large group over, the two microwaves are very handy for making sure all foods are served hot at the same time.

What kind of advice do you have to share with us?

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Source – Consumer Reports

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