There is much debate right now on whether the rumored $699 price tag for the Motorola Xoom will hold consumers back from buying the device when you can get an iPad for $200 cheaper. We all know that people are crazy about Apple products to begin with. If they see both devices side-by-side at the store, many consumers may jump for the iPad. However, I think there is still an audience for the Xoom, one big enough to make the device a hit.

Motorola is using the same formula they used to drive Droid sales. The “Droid does…” campaign drew a line in the sand that said “If you’re on this side, you can do more!” This year’s XOOM Super Bowl ad starts that trend all over again.

Motorola is going to promote the hell out of this product. Whether it’s $400, $500 or $800, it will still sell because it’s not even close when compared with the iPad. Just look at the comparison chart. It has a camera, built in SD card and USB ports, and a more powerful processor. All things that will attract a hardcore geek to whip out a credit card for the XOOM come mid February.