On Wednesday, the calender on my phone alerted me that it had been 30 days since I wrote my 15 day review of Linux Mint. So for the past 48 hours or so, I have been trying to decide what I should write about. Last night I emailed reader Richard Krohn asking him how his adventure with Linux Mint was proceeding. He stated the following:

“I haven’t used it much. Got everything working ok, but once again critical applications are keeping me from using it full-time.  I need to have the time to set aside and learn the Linux replacement applications. But that is really time-consuming.  It’s just a matter of a lot of work, or rather, organization.  I have to decide what applications I use most often and find and learn the Linux equivalent.  I am starting a list of applications I really need and some simply cannot be replaced.  There is no substitute.  That’s why I was interested in VirtualBox, or VMware.  I will have to keep an instance of XP as a guest OS.”

So why am I sharing what Richard has stated about his experience? Because of his final statement:

“The only question I’m asking myself now is if it is worth the effort.  I probably need another Windows screw-up to motivate me.  It’s a lot of work.”

Yes, it is a lot of work. One does have to decide for him or herself if it is worth the effort. Also one needs to determine if Linux Mint has the available software to replace the software usually used with Windows.

So how has the experience been for me? It has actually been easy. Easy because I have found that my requirements for Linux or Windows are actually minimal — the basic software that either came with Mint, or that I upgraded and installed myself. The software I added were the additional applications for Open Office, GnuCash to replace Quickbooks, Google Earth, and a few games to entertain myself when boredom strikes.

Firefox is handling my browsing needs nicely and Thunderbird has my emails covered for three accounts.

But I have covered all of this in my one-week and two-week reviews. So what is new after using Linux Mint for another 30 days? Not much. It just works.  In fact I have been using Mint steadily for six weeks and rarely boot into Windows 7. But, like Richard mentioned, I have one piece of software I need in Windows that is not offered for Linux.

I am also going to try a VirtualBox or VMware, but, also like Richard, this will be when I have the time and energy.

Because of this, I won’t be reporting back on Mint for about five months. I’ll set my calender as a reminder.

Comments welcome.