Have a stack of weekend tech projects not getting done? Feel like you’d rather spend time with friends instead? Why not make it a teaching event with pizza and do both? I apologize if this started off sounding a bit like an infomercial, but the fact of the matter is that this is what the entire thing encompasses. You have projects, you most likely have friends who are not seeing enough of you, and there is always pizza to be eaten!

Make a day of it!

Let’s say you’re still putting off hanging that flat screen TV (despite the upcoming big game), and you need to also make sure the media server is ready to capture any missed video podcasts during the course of the weekend. This is a hypothetical list obviously, but you get the general idea. Basically the idea is to make sure that you find a way to take otherwise tedious tasks you have been putting off, perhaps make a bit of a contest out of it, and get your friends involved!

My friends aren’t geeks

Now for many of you, the options of plugging everyone into a big tech party might seem like a bit of a pipe dream. After all, you’re the geek and these folks are just passive computer users. Power users. they’re not, right? But oh, what an opportunity to have folks hold stuff, ask questions, and if there is enough room, just watch while you explain how it all works. Yeah, I know this is a stretch and there is a fair shot no one is going to care. So clearly some projects are better than others.

Rethinking The Weekend Tech Project
Photo by sjsharktank

One idea that has worked for me in the past is a PC build party. I had a PC I needed to get put together, and I kept putting it off. Then I heard some friends were interested in this when I mentioned it in passing. I told them that they were clearly due for an upgrade and we should make a day of it.

So what about those complex projects?

Honestly it really comes down to the following: is this something others will find engaging, can it hold your own interest to seem enthused, and can this be done better by yourself? For the most part, things that can be done with others are going to involve more than just merely  watching. Stuff like “spyware removal parties” or “LAN cable running then LAN party time parties” tend to do well, though. Just shoot from the hip; use your best judgment.