Well, Super Bowl XXIVVMCCLII is finally over, and the clear winner was The Black Eyed Peas.  Actually, I think the Green Bay Packers beat The Pittsburgh Steelers, but that’s not important. We’re talking about the best television commercials from the 2011 Superbowl.  Below, I’ve compiled my play-by-play Twitter stream, covering the best and worst TV ads from the world’s biggest brands. Executive Summary: winners include Chrysler, VW and Doritos. Big losers: Groupon, Pepsi Max and GoDaddy. In other words, the beverage and movie companies fell short, while automotive and CPG brands performed much better.  In chronological order, my Twitter stream regarding Super Bowl commercials:

For the #SuperBowl Halftime Show, The Black Eyed Peas will be jumping a large shark-filled tank. #fonzi #happydays #appropos

Daring #superbowl ad by LivingSocial – trannies are a new target demographic?

Is Michael Douglas trying to make me cry about football? Well, job well done! #superbowl

Wow, I’m already bored by Packer & Steeler play. When are the #superbowl commercials coming on again?

The Doritos #superbowl ad was predictable.

Kudos to Audi for working Kenny G into a #superbowl ad, although I missed the first part and it made no sense to me.

RT @denveregotist: Eminem doesn’t do commercials… unless he needs a grip of cash. #brandbowl

Just when I thought GoDaddy #superbowl ads were tired, they bring out the big guns.

I love Tiny Dancer meets Deadwood! #superbowl

Go BMW Diesel! In your face Mercedes. #superbowl #brandbowl

Sorry, W+K, but that #superbowl Coke ad sucked. Playing off Lord of the Rings, really? #brandbowl

Feeling like the car companies are out-doing the beer companies with #superbowl ads this year. What’s up with that?

Pepsi & Coke are biggest losers so far in this year’s #brandbowl. Let’s hope for a stronger showing in the 2nd half of the #superbowl

Way to dig up old comedians from the grave for your #superbowl ad Snickers! #brandbowl

Creative storytelling by CarMax #superbowl ad, but still not relevant to their brand, as was the case in previous years. #brandbowl

Brisk is leading the #BrandBowl, thanks to animated Eminem. Doritos & VW are edging out Pepsi Max (thankfully). http://ow.ly/3Rkur

@WiedenKennedy Be careful what you ask for. You may not like the feedback. #brandbowl http://myloc.me/htKU8

Hopefully the Black Eyed Peas #SuperBowl halftime show will be short, like Fergie’s skirt.

BEP makes me miss Buck Rogers for some reason. #SuperBowl Sad that they brought Slash down with them.

Wondering if TheDaily is compatible with the Apple Newton.

And the winner of #brandbowl is… Whomever paired Justin Bieber & Ozzy Osbourne.

Nursing my my wounds, inflicted by the #Superbowl BEP Halftime show, sponsored by Tron 2 & the 2010 Summer Olympics.

W+K redeemed themselves with the Border #SuperBowl ad. Nicely done. #brandbowl

Kudos to CarMax for bringing the 50’s back. #brandbowl

RT @davidburn @adpulp: Super Bowl XLV Commercials: First Half Highlights http://bit.ly/fzTa1W #brandbowl

RT @BorowitzReport: #SuperBowl I guess Groupon decided to do a funny commercial about Tibet because Darfur would be in bad taste? #adFAIL

Is Eminem is the 1st celebrity to promote 2 brands in #SuperBowl as, while also compromising his integrity? #brandbowl

I hear you get a free case of Brisk when you buy a new Chrysler 300. #eminem #brandbowl

Wishing “Imported from Detroit” was a product benefit. Go union! #brandbowl

Best ad goes to… The NFL (and Flame) #brandbowl

Bud Light creative team ran out of ideas & relied on their dog-walkers for creative. #brandbowl #fail

Starting to watch the #SuperBowl game. For the first time, the game is better than the ads.

Did I just see a beetle ad from VW? It took them 70 years to make the literal connection. #Wtf #brandbowl

I don’t think P Diddy will save Mercedes. How about really good cars? #AMG #brandbowl

I knew a brand would leverage the Mean Joe Green Coke ad. I just didn’t think it would be House on Fox. #brandbowl

And the big #SuperBowl #BrandBowl winners are: Chrysler (Eminem), Doritos (Consumers) & VW (Darth Vader).

Personal favorites from #SuperBowl ads include VW (Darth Vader & Deutsch), Best Buy (Osbourne/Bieber) & Coca Cola (Borders & W+K) #BrandBowl

Watching “Memorable #SuperBowl XLV Commercials” via Sports Illustrated. #BrandBowl http://ow.ly/3RmYM

RT @TheOnion VW Beetle ad misleading. Actual production car will have four wheels, not six legs. http://ow.ly/3RnLv #brandbowl

I hope you enjoyed my Twitter stream of the 2011 Super Bowl tv commercials. Don’t forget to check out the Brand Bowl or Best of Super Bowl tv advertisements from 2011, for inspiration. Feel free to leave comments below regarding your favorites.