Calendar applications. Surely there is more to life than simply defaulting to whatever our operating system happens to shove into our collective laps? I should think so. And to further this belief along, I have carefully compiled some of the best calendars available for this platform, OS X. Some are locally installed, one is even a very cool web based option Chris Pirillo scored for me to feature. But the one thing they all have in common is that they’re free for OS X users.

The Chandler Project: Perhaps one of the lesser known, yet cooler calendar applications available for your Mac. Despite being a cross platform application licensed as open source software, this freely available software has some of the best organisational tools built in that I’ve ever seen. Some might even suggest that this is more than a mere application, it’s a way to interact with your schedule. Manage, track and share your daily events with great ease.

Best Free Calendars For OS X
Chandler Photo by pawlikk

Mozilla Sunbird: Perhaps not as in-depth as the previous calendar option, it does present a certain value in the basic calendar space. Should someone wish to fabricate a personal information manager from it, I’d even go so far as to say you could push things a bit with Lightning in its place, as it would work well with Thunderbird. In either case, you will find that you can use local calendars or even go so far as to toss into Google Calendar subscriptions to the mix should you desire. Like the above Chandler Project, Sunbird/Lightning are released as open source software, freely available to whomever would like to use these applications.

Rainlendar Lite: While I would describe Rainlendar as much less feature rich application, this does present some advantages. First of all, it has the ability to sit nicely on top of your desktop while your day is spent working on other things. Available both in a Lite version in addition to a paid, full version. This is a cool way to keep appointments visible without having to set a lot of extra reminders or running a really big app.

Calamander: This one is a Chris Pirillo contribution, so I am still get the hang of it. Basically this is a bookmarking tool where you can add literally any text and turn it into a calendar event. The website link above gives you a great example of how you can use it. And the best part is there is nothing to install, it’s just a bookmark tool. Just drag and drop who, what, where and when into the appropriate boxes.