We who consider ourselves computer gurus know that we can optimize any computer, using mostly free software that is available on the Internet. We also know that when we see those late night infomercials that tout cleaning your computer and making it run faster, our antenna goes up as to the claims being made. But for those consumers who are technologically challenged, these advertisements offer them what they perceive is a quick fix option to speed up their slow PC systems.

Since I am one of those computer gurus that does it himself, I have no opinion as to the benefit or lack of benefit that FinallyFast actually offers. I can only report what the Attorney General office for the state of Washington determined during its investigation. In its report, it states:

The Attorney General’s Office accused Philadelphia-based Ascentive, LLC, of violating the state’s Computer Spyware Act, Consumer Protection Act and Commercial Electronic Mail Act through the use of deceptive marketing methods including spam and persistent pop-ups, misleading free “scans” and alarmist warnings that suggest a computer has severe problems, unfair billing practices and a cumbersome cancellation process.

Ascentive, perhaps best known for its FinallyFast.com commercials, sells a variety of programs purported to improve Internet connection speeds and remove system errors. They include ActiveDefender, ActivePrivacy, ActiveSpeed, PC ScanandSweep, PC Speedscan Pro, RAMRocket, Spyware Striker Pro and WINRocket.

The Attorney General’s Office estimates that about 5,500 consumers are eligible for refunds of about $17.90 plus tax.

I have been the victim of an infomercial false advertisement for a spaghetti pot. The advertisement made the pot look like it was a high quality product, when in fact the pot looked like it was made of discarded soup cans. The metal was so thin that the pot easily dented and the handle transferred the heat without any benefit of being cooler than the pot itself. The non-stick surface was anything but non-stick and pasta stuck to the sides and bottom of the pot.

That was the one and only time I got stuck with a piece of junk and now I steer clear of all infomercials, no matter how good the product sounds.

How about you? What horror story do you have about buying any product advertised on TV?

Comments welcome.

PS For those Washington state residents who were a victim of FinallyFast, click the link below for additional information.

Source – AG office WA state

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