A short time ago, a few users of WeatherBug for the iPad noticed that the app had seemingly “vanished” from the Apple app store. And due to this, there have been a lot of questions as to what happened. While everyone loves a harrowing tale of drama and adventure, I would have to say that the reality of what happened is less than exciting. Basically, we pulled it to update two minor bugs and the new version wasn’t pushed through as quickly as we had anticipated.

Well, it’s back now and we have some pretty cool announcements to go along with its return.

iPad for WeatherBug Updates – in-app purchase

Introducing in-app purchase for WeatherBug. For those seeking an ad-free experience with WeatherBug for the iPad, you simply click on the new shopping cart icon and you will be charged once as if you did a normal app purchase via iTunes. There will be no recurring charges, and should you wish not to pay, that is an option too because the app can run at no cost to you in ad-supported mode. WeatherBug wanted to put you in the driver’s seat. By allowing users to opt-out of the ad-supported mode from within the app, we felt this would make users’ lives much easier.

If you’re reinstalling the app for some reason, the same old Apple app store rule applies. You would see the “you’ve already purchased this and will not be charged” indicator when you click on the shopping cart to opt out of ad-supported mode.

iPad for WeatherBug Updates – enlarged cams and the map drop pins

For those who are familiar with WeatherBug for any of the iOS devices, you’re already aware of just how visual the user experience is when soaking in the latest weather data. WeatherBug has made improvements to further this effort by adding new enlarged cams and map drop pins. Take a look at the screen shots below for some examples, click the “enlarge link(s)” to make the images bigger.

Click here for larger photo

Click here for larger photo

Click here for larger photo

Click here for larger photo

Click here for larger photo

iPad for WeatherBug Updates – bug fixes

With this latest release, WeatherBug is taking care of a couple of minor bugs. Both issues involved providing better stability and preventing the app from being closed due to the length of a “call” being put out to retrieve needed weather data. These issues have been resolved now.

“So you wanna be a beta tester?”

Like the old Uncle Sam posters used to say; “We want you!” Yes, WeatherBug is looking for a few good beta testers interested in providing the very best applications for the iOS possible. So how does this work? Basically you will click on one of the following links:

-iPhone users
-iPad users

From there you will receive emailed instructions on what you need to do next. While WeatherBug is only seeking a limited number of people to assist, chances are you will be among those selected as you’re regular Inside WeatherBug readers. Why bother? Because you will be among the first to see what WeatherBug has in store for future iOS app releases! What beta tester can possibly turn down an opportunity like that?

Where can you get WeatherBug for the iPad?

For those of you simply wanting to try this application out for yourself, it couldn’t be easier. Just point yourselves to the Apple app store for the iPad and do a search for WeatherBug. Install it and should you decide that you wish to upgrade to the ad-free version, just click on the shopping cart icon to upgrade.