Ever wish there was some really cool GarageBand alternative for Linux enthusiasts? Well as it turns out, there actually is and it’s not nearly as complicated to use as Ardour. While Ardour is arguably much more powerful, it’s also a lot more than most people really need. These users are not looking for a high-end audio workstation. Instead, they want the GarageBand experience to mix multitrack audio content from different sources.

Introducing Jokosher

Providing a different, more “input-centric” approach to managing audio sources/files than Audacity or Ardour from a visual persecutive is the key. Jokosher manages to give the end user everything they need to mix multiple tracks easily. Even better is that you can assign different sources icons like guitar, bass, input, etc. This makes management a whole lot easier for everyone involved.  For me, the biggest boon this software offers its user has to be the inclusion of musical instrument assignments and the plugin access to freely available audio files from places like The Freesound Project.

GarageBand Alternative For Linux
Photo by Toms Bauģis

What stinks about this software is the fact that their help/docs page is completely down. Tested the site userdocs.jokosher.org on two unrelated ISP connections, it’s failing. The page is down for the count. Despite the setback though, I think that using Jokosher is fairly obvious to those who have worked with similair applications in the past, so it should provide for a natural fit.


So what about the older, more established software known simply as Audacity? Certainly this is going to rank as my most used audio editor, no question about that. And as this chart points out, Audacity offers much more for recording and editing audio. Yet despite not being anywhere near as complex as Ardour, it’s not always going to be the best fit for musicians. Podcasters? Yes, perhaps. But when managing multiple input sources or unnamed audio files for editing work, Jokosher may feel more GarageBand like to those individuals.