I happily call the blogosphere my home – and am proud to do so. I’ve had the chance to connect with so many amazing people during the four years I’ve worked with Chris Pirillo, had opportunities to participate in many cool events and managed to be blown away more than once due to things I’ve witnessed in this small world of ours. Nothing I have been a part of or seen has come close to what I watched Gary Vaynerchuk accomplish a few nights ago on Twitter.

My first introduction to Gary was when he visited Chris’ house in Seattle a while back. Gary took over the live stream and hilarity ensued. I was impressed with his enthusiasm and humor, so began following him on Twitter. I never truly interacted with him until my once-in-a-lifetime trip to New York City back in late October, 2010. I was fortunate to travel alongside Robert Scoble on a whirlwind tour, meeting with startups and interviewing fabulous people such as Nina Zagat. Robert spoke at New York XPO for Business, sharing the stage with none other than Gary Vaynerchuk. I was beyond stoked that I was finally going to meet this powerhouse, and I wasn’t disappointed. Gary was as open, friendly and genuine as I had suspected after following him so long.

His new book – The Thank You Economy – hasn’t even been released yet. When he realized last week how well the pre-sales were going, Gary decided it simply wasn’t enough. In true Vaynerchuk fashion, he set out to send his tome to the number ten spot on the sales list. He took to Twitter, pumping out messages to his followers, friends and fans at a frenetic pace. Within a matter of hours, Gary had surpassed his goal and hit number seven. That’s where he was when I finally gave up and went to get some sleep – I think I later read he went even higher than that.

What impresses me so much isn’t the fact that he was able to convince so many people to order the book in such a short time. Hell, I admit that I reserved a copy for myself. What won me over to the point of near adulation was his complete and utter passion for what he was doing… his belief in himself and his message. So many so-called, self-labeled social media experts claim to be the best. They will talk your ear off while touting themselves as the best thing that ever graced the Twitter site. Most of them have huge egos… they have to in order to claim to be an expert, right? The beautiful thing is that Gary IS an expert… even if he doesn’t realize it.

Gary didn’t stand there and tell us his book is the best thing ever written simply because he wrote it. He wasn’t trying to claim he knows more than anyone else, or can unlock the secrets of success a la Zuckerberg. He simply believed wholeheartedly in what he had created, and feels deeply that it can bring value to your business and your life. That type of true passion and dedication doesn’t come along every day. When was the last time you came in contact with someone who claimed to believe in what they’ve done – and actually meant it?

Gary – kudos my friend. Not only have you written what is sure to be a fantastic book, you have managed to convince this jaded old girl that people with integrity, intelligence and ingenuity still exist. Thank you!!!!