NFL sorry for Super Bowl seat fiasco

Well, as long as they’re sorry…

High school gym teacher accused of sex with five students…

She is accused of sleeping with five football players. This is patently false: lesbians don’t sleep with football players.

Report: Toyota Had No Electronic Flaws

It was swamp gas that caused the spontaneous lethal acceleration.


Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart are working on an album together!   For the first time since Truth and Beck-Ola, we’ll have a new release of original material.

It doesn’t get any better than this, people…



I am positively stunned.

Gary Moore (58), passed away in his sleep Sunday, on vacation in Spain.  British tabloid the Sun claimed that he died a rock star’s death (choked on his own vomit after drinking heavily).  Moore fans showed the paper their disapproval in large numbers.  Although the official word so far is heart attack, the Sun has not retracted their story.

I first heard Gary’s playing on Still Got the Blues.  For some odd reason, this song made it to the radio and I immediately bought the cd.  This song is in my top five.  Moore’s digital pyrotechnics combined with the soul of a bluesman reached way down inside me and to this day, my hair still stands on end whenever I hear the song.

There is simply no reason for this sad end.

Play on, Gary.