Let’s face it, not everyone has an iMac or one of the portables from the MacBook line. Mini owners, etc, need some webcam options as well. And then there are simply people who might want to have the luxury of multiple webcams, outside of the one built into select Macs. For these individuals, it’s handy to have solid brand name webcams from which they can select from. This way they’re not trying to¬†scramble¬†around, likely ending up with some no-name subpar piece of junk that is just not able to deliver the kind of image quality needed.

Recommended brands

Based on my experiences with another ‘Nix based OS called Linux, I am leaning with Logitech myself. Logitech has made great webcams for years and even has the very latest in HD webcams. So for my money, this is a great place to start. Just do some research first, save yourself a lot of hassle later on. The really big thing to keep in mind here, is to remember that much of the software that comes with these webcams, is designed for Windows users. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t amazing software for the Mac allowing you to do cool things. Rather that the CD sent with the webcam, might not be what you need.

Best Webcams For The Mac

You want a webcam that feels like an iSight camera

There are bound to be countless individuals who feel this way. Sure, the Logitech webcams are one way to go, but they feel so plastic and PC like that it might be a real turn off for some folks. No worries, for under a hundred bucks, there is another webcam that will remind you a lot of the old iSight cameras Apple used to offer. The key difference, is the fact that this isn’t an Apple product.

You can still buy iSight Firewire webcams

Yes, it’s true that you can still buy iSight webcams from places like Amazon, or Froogle. The problem is that Apple isn’t officially selling them anymore. Worse, even if you do find one of these camera, there have been numerous reported issues running them in the latest Snow Leopard release of OS X. If you