Catholics rejoice (or hide): there is now an iApp for confession.  Best of all, it has been approved by an actual bishop.  It is called Confession: a Roman Catholic App.

Unfortunately you still have to see a priest for absolution (or if you just really like priests).  Now I’m not Catholic, but I’m doubting the true usefulness of an app that doesn’t provide the Full Guilt Experience<tm>.

Cautious parents have noted that it’s much safer than in-person, especially if you’re underage.

Here are some suggested samples for the Penance Pack ($1.99 extra):

  • Text 500 times: I shall not covet my neighbor’s ass.
  • Say fifty Hail Steves
  • Spend 60 minutes looking smugly down on BlackBerry users (the heathens)

Fun is fun, but we know this has to be a fake product because iPhone users are completely free of sin.