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So you’ve decided that you want to build a Web site. Prior to this, you already know whether you want a static site or a blog, and the content you wish to provide. But the biggest question still remains: what the heck should the domain name be?

Domain and site title should match

While you can certainly get away with extras in the domain like “the,” “site,” or “blog,” calling a site XYZ then using the domain ZXY isn’t going to do wonderful things for your Web site’s future rankings. I mean, the name of the Web site doesn’t in any way correlate with the domain given. Kind a big deal.

Picking A Good Website NamePhoto by ivanpw

But aren’t big domains bad?

You may have heard of that long domain names are a bad thing. And from a selling off the domain or remembering the name of the site point of view, there is truth to this. But at the same time, I have seen some that make zero sense at all. Zoosk, Google, Skype, Facebook (college students got what a Facebook was before the company, but still). Those are just a few examples of one liners that, without plenty of value behind them, no one would otherwise remember them. They worked, however, because the concepts were able to grab users early.

Reflect what you’re doing

Because today’s domain market is so crowded, it’s best to keep it simple while ensuring your domain lets people know what your site is about. Let me provide you with some examples: cleancutsharpening.com – askthebuilder.com

Both are completely different sites. The first was one I owned and let go of, the second is a site that is making HUGE money with ads and eGuides. Both give some idea as to what the sites are about.

The first site indicates that there is sharpening involved, while indicating a clean cut way of doing things as well. Actually. it was a company name for a knife sharpening business, but it worked. The other is clear as day. Ask The Builder. By visiting the site, you’re clearly there seeking information from an experienced building expert.