Do you have any idea about how much energy you’re using in your home? In the past, a lot of people probably would have laughed at you if you asked them that question, but these days, the concept of keeping track of this information is more common and it’s cool to be responsible in this way. Those of us who aren’t currently tracking our home energy usage and taking steps to improve it aren’t necessarily opposed to the idea, but instead, we may just not know where to start. Earth Aid makes tracking your home energy usage easy and it even rewards you for doing it.

Track Home Energy Usage - Earth Aid

By creating a free account, you can have all of your utility usage data in one place so that you can see what you’re actually using. You might be surprised by the amount of resources that you’re using, and Earth Aid helps you to identify things that you can do to save energy and water. When these tips are applied and your consumption goes down, you earn reward points that can be used for discounts and special offers.