If you are ever traveling through Albuquerque, New Mexico and you happen to stop at the Sunflower Farmers Market, don’t eat the yogurt. It seems that one of the store employees has been adding his own secret sauce to the free samples of yogurt he has been handing out to customers, in the form of his own semen. One alert shopper recognized the taste immediately when she ate the sample of yogurt and contacted police.

During the police investigation they were able to determine that the clerk did in fact add his own bodily fluid to the yogurt. A DNA test proved the clerk was the culprit. The DNA test was court ordered while the suspect was in custody for unrelated charges. The unrelated charges were for alleged child molestation, which the suspect denies.

At first I thought that the clerk was hired by the store to hand out food samples to the public. But it appears that he took this role on himself without any company assistance nor authorization. What is not known is how many times the clerk approached other customers with something he whipped up in the back room for their consumption.

Police can only charge the man with the state law of battery. A battery charge would only carry a sentence of six months maximum. The cops are seeking federal charges of possible food tampering, which may carry a stiffer penalty.

Either way, this nut needs to be put away.

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Source – krqe.com

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