The Verizon iPhone launch had queue lines ready at stores throughout the U.S. this morning. If the Seattle area is any indication, the hype around Verizon iPhone upgrades and switching is just that. The downtown Seattle Verizon store had less than 10 people in line minutes before the 7 a.m. opening. In Seattle’s University District, near the University of Washington campus, 10 people waited in line; the first person arrived at 5 a.m. A few blocks away, the University Village Apple Store had exactly 1 person waiting for the Verizon iPhone. About 30 Apple employees applauded as this one customer walked through the door. Other stores around the Seattle area were equally devoid of people eagerly anticipating the Verizon iPhone.

Apple Store Empty on Verizon iPhone Launch

While Seattle may not be the leading indicator of Verizon iPhone adoption, it’s certainly a likely candidate with a reasonably affluent tech-savvy population. And according to CNNMoney, only 8 people lined up at Apple’s flagship New York store. It’s going to take a substantial uptick in purchases at each of Verizon’s stores for there to be anywhere near the predicted switching hyped by the tech press.

The big story around the Verizon iPhone this Thursday morning? There is no story. Sure people will buy an iPhone on Verizon, when they are ready to buy a new phone. But there’s no mad rush to get a Verizon iPhone. There’s no looming shortage of CDMA iPhones. Based on the lines, it seems unlikely Verizon will activate any more phones today than they do any other Thursday.

So where are the people who said they would switch from Android? Either the widely-cited survey stating 55% of Android and Blackberry users were either very likely or somewhat likely to switch was dead wrong, or the respondents merely meant they’d switch someday. My guess is, NewsGrange got it right and the uSamp didn’t.