Disk quotas are used to limit the amount of disk space users can use on an NTFS volume. If you read the previous two tips on Disk Quotas, you should know how to turn on disk quotas and create custom disk quotas in Windows 7.

So how do you know how much disk space each person is using? Assuming you’ve enabled disk quotas, you can create a disk quota report to see disk usage for each user that has saved information to the drive. Since there is no actual option in the Disk Quotas dialog box to create a report, you need to move the information into another program such as Microsoft Excel.

To create a disk quota report in Windows 7:

  1. Click Start and click Computer.
  2. Right click the volume you want to see a quota report for and click Properties.
  3. Click the Quota tab.
  4. Click Show Quota Settings.
  5. Create A Disk Quota Report In Windows 7

  6. Click the Quota Entries button. The Quota Entries window appears. You can find quota information from this window. However, if you want to view the information in a file, you need to use a program such as Excel.
  7. Create A Disk Quota Report In Windows 7

  8. Open Excel.
  9. Switch back to the Quota Entries window. Drag each entry that you want included in your report into Excel. The quota data for each user is copied into Excel.
  10. Create A Disk Quota Report In Windows 7

  11. Once you finish moving the data over into Excel, save the report.