There should be an image here!The content bug has bitten a lot of people and now many of them want to create their own content online. They can do this on their own sites and accounts, but certain people may want to contribute content to other sites that they know and love. For many bloggers and editors this isn’t such a bad thing because the search for good content is an ongoing battle, and if their readers want to contribute original content, then that’s usually good news. Of course, there needs to be a way to manage this incoming contributed content, and that’s what Kapost offers.

When you add Kapost to your site, a separate community section will appear and your audience can easily contribute content that will appear there. These posts can be voted on by other people, and if you see one that you really like, you can make the post appear on your home page in all its glory. The important thing to remember is that you’re still in control of what gets published in a more visible way. Who doesn’t like free contributed content?