Lately my home office hasn’t been its cleanest and I realize that I am the one who is to blame for this. After all, it’s my home office, so clearly the buck stops here. After giving a serious look at where I think the breakdown is taking place, I came to realize that it seems that the real cause of my scattered looking home office was a lack of organization. See, it wasn’t that I needed more home office furniture. No, I simply needed to look into home office furniture that was going to provide me with the kind of storage that I was clearly lacking.

Storage doesn’t have to be made of Tupperware

It’s amazing what a little desire and the love of a good search engine can do for you. In my case, I knew early on going into this that I would want to make sure I created and stuck to a strict budget. Another thing I knew going into this is that I’d likely end up at IKEA. After all, when you’re looking for DIY storage for your home office and you’d like to actually fit together the way it needs to, the only place I’ve ever had luck with is IKEA.

Now I am still in shopping mode, but I think I have a fairly good idea what I’m looking for. For my home office, I needed storage cabinets badly — like no one’s business. And while I haven’t talked with my wife yet about the best option from the decor point of view, I have picked out a few things based on function that I think will fit the bill pretty well.

EFFEKTIV systems – this is why IKEA rocks

New Home Office Furniture
Photo by cogdogblog

Not knowing the first thing about design or decor myself, I believe that I may have found a good option when it comes to decent looking storage, without wasting a lot of space. While I have a decent sized home office, I have to be mindful of my desk placement and yes… my dog’s beds. What, you don’t have dogs and cats working with you every day?

When I found the EFFEKTIV system(s), I knew instantly this is the perfect solution for any geek looking to find a home for all of their “stuff.” I was also fascinated and thrilled to see that these storage cabinets come with roller doors. Awesome, this means that I am not troubled with trying to hide all of the stuff I end up cramming in there! In all seriousness, it’s also helpful when minimizing dust off of external hard drives, notebooks, and so forth. The shelves are great for computer books, many of my DVDs (work related), in addition to a ton of other goodies that I use throughout the month.

Which one did I end up buying?

I haven’t actually ended up buying it just yet, but thus far it appears that I will be going with with the EFFEKTIV system in this color. Being I have a dual desk in an L, plus another desk behind me, I needed to make sure this bad boy was going to fit inside my personal command center. All of my cords and such are to the wall, so no problems there. And if I pick up one of these little clip-on dog chairs, then I will easily be able to eliminate one of the three pet beds in my office. If I slide the single desk behind me over a bit, the EFFEKTIV system should fit in the corner like a glove. Best of all, it’s going to give me a great place for all of my stuff. And that, my friends, is going to make a great start to my weekend!