I have kept something quiet for the past few months, that I haven’t shared with anyone. I have stopped using Firefox on my Windows machine running Windows 7 Ultimate for about two months. The problem began several months ago when one of my add-ons named Zemanta disappeared on my web sites here at Lockergnome. I contacted Chris and he assured me that nothing was changed to prevent Zemanta from working. So I installed Google Chrome on my box, installed the Zemanta extension and it worked perfectly.

So what is Zemanta? Zemanta is designed with the blogger in mind. The program provides relevant images, articles, links and tags for the article you are writing. I find Zemanta as great asset and use it often. When it stopped working, I really missed it, so I switched to Chrome to get it back.

When I switched over Linux Mint I was happy to se an old friend waiting for me. Mint uses Firefox as the default browser, so I fired it up and added all of the add-ons I used, including Zemanta. All was well until yesterday. When I fired up Mint and launched Firefox, I had trouble accessing my web sites. I did all of the trouble shooting, rebooting Firefox, clear cache, reboot router, modem, all to no avail. All other sites I visited worked perfectly.

So I once again contacted Chris, The sites were checked and all was well. This morning it dawned on me. Could it be Zemanta causing the problem once again? I uninstalled Zemanta and the web sites worked perfectly for me. But since I like using Zemanta when I blog.I downloaded and installed Google Chrome and installed Zemanta and it worked perfectly.

This is the first time I have experienced a problem with a Firefox Add-On.

Have I been lucky in the past? Or is this an exception and all other add-ons work well?

So my question is this. Have you had problems with any Firefox Add-Ons?

Comments welcome.