We already know the world has an affinity for Chrome and despite its recent competition from newcomers, Firefox. But what about those who are thinking that it might just be easier to opt for Internet Explorer? After all, it’s already included and recent development around this browser has been pretty darned brisk. But what if there was another alternative that came with all of the benefits found in Google Chrome (which means access to the goodies like the extensions and so on), but also boasted something fantastic that I think would appeal to most people these days? There is, and it’s called Iron. Not the metal, but the Chrome variant.

Why use Chromium or Chrome when you can work with Iron?

The idea for those who wanted to avoid using Google Chrome was that they could simply use Google Chromium instead. After all, it’s “open source,” according to Google. The problem is that even if you happen to stumble upon a non-altered version of Chromium source from which to work, some of the privacy concerning issues are still prevalent in the application. Remember, just because someone releases the source code doesn’t mean that it’s actually safe to use.

Best Web Browser For Windows 7
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This brings us back to using Iron. The idea here is that it’s not only a heavily modified version of Chromium, but the developers encourage its users to monitor the traffic going back and forth with your choice of data monitoring software. The fact is, using Iron is more secure than Chromium and a lot more privacy valued  than using Chrome as a whole. Chrome is not a safe browser to use if you prefer keeping your privacy to yourself.

So is the best browser Iron?

In my heart, I believe it is. Because privacy is important, despite the fact that all non encrypted traffic is pushed throughout the Web when we surf the Internet anyway. But at least this way we are able to maintain a little more of our privacy without too much concern. Best of all, it’s easily coupled with a privacy providing search engine like DuckDuckGo.com. Iron, with this search engine, is almost perfect.