Since I plan on investing in a tablet soon, I have been carefully evaluating my options. I will be using a tablet for nighttime reading when I go to bed and to watch movies on when I go on road trips. My initial choices were…

  • A: XOOM.
  • B: iPad.
  • C: Galaxy Tab.
  • D: One of the many cheap Android tablets on the market.

I decided that I wasn’t interested in the cheaper Android tablets or the Galaxy Tab simply for the fact that the build of Android they run are not really made for tablets, so options C and D were eliminated. Then I looked at the iPad, which can be purchased for hundreds of dollars cheaper than what the XOOM is rumored to go for. It’s an attractive option, even for an Android fanboy like myself. Then it hit me. iPad doesn’t support Flash! No Flash video, no Flash gaming, nada!

I simply can’t imagine spending hundreds of dollars on a device that doesn’t have Flash capability. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Flash and I can’t wait for HTML 5 and 6 to catch on, but right now the web has a lot of Flash. I think I would spend a lot of nights frustrated that I couldn’t see a certain web page or watch a certain video on my iPad. I might as well get a Nook Color.

So yeah, the XOOM may be a bit higher in price than the iPad, but I’ll have Flash, video chat, USB ports and a plethora of other things that the iPad doesn’t have. Google’s strategy to embrace Flash on Android has certainly worked on me. I’m going XOOM as long as it isn’t insanely overpriced.