I’m really tired of hearing about Justin Bieber. I’m tired of Justin Bieber’s songs. I’m tired of Justin Bieber’s movies. I’m really tired of seeing Justin Bieber trend on Twitter. According to Klout, Justin Bieber is the most influential person on Twitter. That said, I really have better things to read (and retweet) than anything about the Biebs. Thank goodness I can block tweets about Justin Bieber. Here’s how you can block tweets about Justin Bieber from your timeline too:

Install the “Slipstream” extension for Chrome. When you sign in to Twitter from Chrome, you will see a new Hide link in each tweet, just like the one in the screenshot below:

Block tweets from Justin Beiber in your twitter timeline with slipstream

When you click the Hide button, it pulls up the Slipstream options. You define what specifically you want to silence. To block Justin Bieber tweets, hiding tweets containing “justinbieber” will likely silence most of the noise. You can either block all tweets containing the term, effectively removing Justin Bieber tweets from Twitter, or you can block individual users.

Block tweets from Justin Bieber in your twitter timeline

This second option from Slipstream also comes in handy if you want to block specific information from individual Twitter users. For example, if you follow a rabid Justin Bieber fan (I’ll reserve judgment about why), you can block all tweets mentioning Justin Bieber from that one Twitter account.

You will need to use the Web version of Twitter for this trick to work (so Tweetdeck and Hootsuite users may want to get familiar with using lists to filter out noise instead,) but it may be worth it for your sanity. And Slipstream comes in handy for other noisy situations too, like those people you follow who feel the need to tweet every 30 seconds from an event.