That should show anyone believing that withholding IE9 from Windows XP was a decision based upon time taken to port, and not simply the idea that they would cut off potential use of Windows XP past their desired date, that the idea was completely wrong.

Internet Exploder 9 has not gotten to Windows XP because someone decided to do it that way – nothing more.

Releasing IE9 for the Windows Phone market shows Microsoft thinks it can still call the tune without any side effects from outside – and they are wrong. That is precisely why long time users of IE versions are moving away from it as soon as they are convinced it is possible and secure to make the move.

I wonder how many people will actually use IE9. I know there will be huge numbers of downloads – but so what? (I’ll be downloading it for use on my Vista and Windows 7 machines, but it won’t get much more than a passing use – like a shakedown cruise, and nothing more.) I have downloaded a copy of every version of Internet Exploder that has been released; it doesn’t mean I use it.  Every copy of Windows XP I personally set up has Internet Exploder 8 downloaded and installed, but I usually show my customers the benefits of Opera, and let them choose. About 70%, upon my return, have chosen Opera, with about another 5 – 10% choosing either Iron, Chrome, or Firefox instead of IE. Most copies of Internet Exploder on Windows machines (of any vintage) that I set up are unused.

Microsoft needs to understand – the word is out. There are so many places people are being told to ditch IE that it could get its own corner at the public library. It’s one of the first things you do after installing Windows…you use IE to download another browser, with a better reputation.

So the article states that the IE9 for Windows phone will also have hardware acceleration. Just another thing that could just as easily have happened for Windows XP, and Microsoft could have assured themselves a much happier customer base.

With the move made by Nokia, and the knowledge of their staff on human engineering, their might actually now be a reason to have a Windows phone, but even then, I would bet that copies of other browsers will be found on the units, getting the lion’s share of the use, with Internet Exploder 9 for Phones sitting dormant, just in case the browser used daily even becomes grunged.