I think this is good news. I live in Cleveland. We get hammered with pot holes every winter. I was listening to police dispatch a few weeks ago and one on the shore way claimed three separate tires before the police got there to divert traffic. Any that are hit with freeze thaw cycles feels the pain of these annual craters. The quicker they are filled, the better our cars and backs fare the winter.

Boston.com has an article about turning cell phones into pot hole detectors and reporters. Boston already has an app called “Citizen Connect” which allows easy reporting of chuck holes. The app allows the user to send location, message and even photos to the city. The city now intends to take it a step further.

The city is developing an app, “Street Bump” that will use the accelerometer and GPS available in cell phones to automatically detect and report potholes. The article claims that the app would be sensitive enough to detect bumps and seems so that it could be dealt with before they become a car destroyer.

All in all, it sounds like a good idea. So long as people install it an let it run.