I was greeted on Saturday morning by some 200 email messages from Google referencing the Cr-48 pilot program. As I learned later, there had been a coding error on a forum that Google was setting up and the results were a mass mailing to not only Cr-48 users, but also to some who were still waiting to receive a unit. Needless to say that there was a bit of mass confusion until Google finally cleared things up on Saturday afternoon, explaining the screw up.

For those of you who may be unaware, Google currently has 3 operating systems they are using. Google has Android for smartphones, which I have used and it was very easy to navigate without any instructions. Google also has the Chrome aka Chromium operating system currently being tested on their Cr-48 netbook computers. Recently Google has announced Android Honeycomb which was specifically designed for tablets and will be featured on Motorola’s Xoom tablet scheduled for release in early 2011.

One lengthy post on the Google Cr-48 pilot program forum was one persons belief that Google Chrome and Android should be merged into one single operating system. Their thinking was that applications would than be available for the one OS being used on smartphones, tablets and the future netbook computer using the Google Chrome OS.

During my travels around the Internet I have read comments from others stating a similar opinion. I disagree. Each of the devices require their own specific software to function properly. I believe trying to make a single operating system and trying to port it to all devices is what Microsoft tried and met with limited success. Microsoft was forced to use Windows XP on the first notebooks since neither Vista nor Windows 7 would run fast enough. Neither Vista nor Windows 7 could provide for sufficient extended battery operations. Currently my Cr-48 will run for 8 hours on one single charge. It is claimed that the Xoom could run for 10 hrs. on battery power alone.

What do you think?

Comments welcome.

Source – Google Cr-48 pilot program forum

PS I did learn that Google states we get to keep the Cr-48. 🙂