Reader Buffet asked me a question about upgrading to IE8:

When IE8 first came out, the Internet was rampant with horror stories of people who had downloaded and installed the final release only to have it wreak havoc on their systems and plague them with problems! Have the issues been addressed and corrected? In your opinion, should I feel safe upgrading from 7 to 8? Thank you very much for your time.

I responded to Buffet that I knew that IE8 worked well in Windows 7. My wife uses IE8, which she prefers, on her Windows 7 box. I also knew that Microsoft had fixed the original problems that many experienced and that it should work OK for him. I also said to make a restore point, which is always a good idea no matter which software you install.

But I refrained from adding in my reply to dump IE8 and use Firefox or Chrome. I haven’t used any version of IE for at least five years. I have used both Firefox and now Chrome exclusively on my personal systems. On the Cr-48 notebook I am testing for Google, the only option is Chrome. On my personal laptop, which dual boots Windows 7 and Linux Mint, I have also switched over to Chrome.

Do I recommend that everyone switch over to Chrome? Absolutely not. We all have our favorite software that we use and basically all of the browsers do the same thing: open up Web sites to us on our computers. But I have mentioned this before and I will say it again. It is the feel of the software that dictates which one I use. But in this case with my choice of browser was the issue that one particular add-on I used failed in Firefox. In Chrome the extension worked fine, so I switched browsers.

Now my question to all of you is: which browser do you use and why?

Comments welcome.