Display Search is stating the Apple has taken over the number one sales spot for the mobile PC marketplace. Previously HP had held the honor, but with Apple’s introduction of the extremely popular iPad, Apple surged to the lead. During the last quarter of 2010, Apple sales exploded by 17.2% which propelled their touch screen notebook to the top of the pack. So what makes Apple products so attractive to consumers?

It is a lack of innovation from other companies, that is making Apple a star. A star not only in the touch screen notebook market but also in the cell phone market. The only company that seems to offer any competition is Google with their Android and Android Honeycomb operating systems. HP seems to be happy to have bought WebOS and will be relying on the fact that the OS can multi-task, something that the Apple iPad can not do. But Apple is in the process of revamping both their iPad and iPhone, so I would venture a guess that we will see major changes to both.

So who has a lot of catching up to do?

Microsoft. I thought it was fairly lame to put an old OS like Windows XP on netbooks because the miniature laptops didn’t have enough power to run Windows 7. Yet Google is able to get their Chrome OS working just fine on a notebook and it is fast, starts instantly and is easy to use. In the cell phone arena Microsoft is getting very little respect and even Nokia investors are not happy with the joint venture between the companies.

Microsoft needs something new and exciting.

Apple now is in the driver’s seat and will remain there until someone comes up with a better touch screen notebook or cell phone.

What is great about this is that we consumers will be the eventual winner with better products and hopefully lower pricing.

What do you think?

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Source – DisplaySearch